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You cannot go wrong when investing in yourself – your peace of mind, happiness, goals, dreams, well being and future. The question is whether I am the right individual to work with?

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I offer adult therapy and treatment for individuals experiencing a range of mental health concerns.

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Welcome.  I appreciate your taking the time to visit my site.  My name is Farnaz Zendehdel, Ph.D. and I am a Psychologist in Los Angeles, California, where I provide quality psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, couples and families.

I know how important your emotional health and relationships are to you and those to whom you are close. Receiving quality assistance with these vital aspects of your life can play an important role in helping you overcome self defeating patterns, regain a sense of control, get past relational barriers, heal old wounds, or whatever it is that would bring you to therapy. As a therapist my goal is to understand what it is that you want in your life, and to help you materialize those things. This can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the needs and preferences of each client, couple, or family with whom I work.  Toward this end, I strongly believe that every person who comes to me deserves personalized care, respect, and responsiveness. In addition, they also deserve help from a highly skilled clinician who tailors unique treatments.  This blend of interpersonal responsiveness and exceptional clinical skill sets my practice apart, and allows me to get remarkable results with clients who have been disappointed with other counselors and psychotherapists. Whether you have not gotten the results you have sought with another clinician or if this is your first time seeing a therapist, I am certain you will recognize these qualities if you visit with me in my private practice in Los Angeles. I look forward to helping you


Anxiety is defined as a fear reaction to real or imagined dangers. It is smart to be anxious in a situation that is truly dangerous. It is only a problem when the danger is imagined.


Depression is a mental and psychological problem for people whom are sad and hopeless about world and life, it can be caused by any disaster or relationship problems in life career.

Addiction Therapy

Addiction can be caused by teen age problems or further other miss behaviors in society. The drug addiction or other type of addiction like cellphone addiction is a common problem in societies.


Trauma therapy

Some people begin therapy to address a specific situation; while others may have life-long struggles they need care and support for. Therapy can be utilized to treat a specific problem, or it can be a means of self-discovery, growth and improved well-being.

I respect and explore the uniqueness of each individual with safety, security and depth. I work with individuals who are seeking freedom from depression, anxiety, relationship issues/conflicts, addiction and traumas in their lives or other groups like families, couples and teens.

I am trying to show you and suggest you the best process on your mental problem. Psychology and especially clinical psychology are the missed part of lives which are not in good mental situation or they have unsolved problems. Here in U.S.A we have many professional clinical psychologists, but you should choose a psychologist who is experienced and truthful because most of the people lost their trust to psychology by a wrong choice in choosing the best clinic and best psychologist. To have   Wrong decision in psychology is exactly like a physician, but not much people care about it, if any decision made wrong in your life can make very bad effects on your life, so I am very honored that in my job career in this year, diagnostics are one of my outstanding skill.


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To solving some mental and psychological problems in Teen ages will help them to have successful life.



Families need to take care of their psychological healthy. because any problem in any of family member could make serious problems without controlling treatments.



Some people in job or their own personal life has a deep problem which solving them will make them so much happier in their own doing.



Most of serious problems which caused divorce can be solved by some short sessions of psychography to have happier life.


Simple Process

How Does it Work?

It is a mixture of science with sense which mean the sense of friendship between me and my patients and the full availabilities of an advance clinic.

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Dr. Naz Zendehdel has extensive experience working with couples struggling with relationship difficulties. By taking a proactive and empathetic approach to couples issues, Dr. Naz can help guide couples through their issues and reach a deeper connection and level of mutual understanding

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Dr. Naz Zendehdel has worked a great deal with compulsive sexual behavior, eating disorders, and substance abuse. During her years of treating addiction Dr. Naz has developed an effective and compassionate approach to helping patients free themselves from their addiction.

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I’m a licensed clinical psychologist with more than fifteen years of experience. It’s my honor to work with individuals, couples and families in an analytical and humanistic way. I respect and explore the uniqueness of each individual with safety, security and depth. I work with individuals who are seeking freedom from depression, anxiety, relationship issues/conflicts, addiction and traumas in their lives.

I write article for magazine, have a weekly educational radio show on 670am which is a live question and answer format. Also, I participate on a live weekly television show Tin Tv to educate and help others with problems they face. I’m passionate about journey of therapy and feel privileged to be a part of healing process.

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